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tv   [untitled]    October 17, 2011 9:31pm-10:01pm EDT

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if we tense region is over control of border crossings into neighboring serbia. syria again swept by protests people are furious at the arab league has and rejected damascus from the organization as it presses for negotiations between the warring parties this comes as president assad tries to appease some of the resentment against his regime by drafting a new constitution and announcing multi-party elections next year and. there are people who as you mentioned the criticize me and dmitri may get if they say that if your humble servant takes part in the election that would mean that there would be no election little that was perhaps the would be the case for then put an ordinary citizen always has a choice to make. it's all in the hands of the people meet the press to speak about his bid to return as russia's president in two thousand and twelve the russian prime minister also talks about his plans for the economy and why political stability is done. now we all value our privacy but is it
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compatible with modern day life as our special report shows our dependency on digital gadgets and social networks are leaving us ever more exposed. with just one telephone call. many things about you the biggest privacy of. yourself. using a search engine browsing just a couple of sites registering with a social network every one of these actions is firmly embedded some way. deleting this information completely. you have no privacy. there's not a lot of ways to protect your. credit card details your home address and your every move. anyone's hams sitting in my office are confined to.
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your phone. and there's only one way to escape. tracks internet users is it possible to remain anonymous online. disconnecting for good the only method of ensuring a pretty busy. a santa lie a u.s. artist born in bangladesh couldn't have imagined that his life would be forever changed by the nine eleven terrorist attacks in two thousand and two he was detained to detroit airport and told that he was suspected of helping terrorists. it all started with an f.b.i. investigation where i was erroneously reported as a terrorist suspect there was a report that an arab man had fled on september twelfth who was hoarding explosives
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. now nevermind i'm not arab nevermind there was no explosives there but in the fear they decided well that guy looks a little different so he must be arab and if he's arab then he must have explosives . later it transpired that her son had been put on the list of suspects by mistake nevertheless the f.b.i. continued to track the artist he feared that sooner or later he might end up in prison at guantanamo bay that was when his son decided to make life easier for the special services he set up a site called tracking transience where he posts every single bit of personal information about himself in real time. so you're seeing here you can see that there's a red arrow with some boxes that you can see a city in the image well ok so where's the city looks like there's a river nearby and there's lots of green let's go to a little bit further and we're in this building right here next to a church. as the days and months went by the constant information feed of this one
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person's life became an artistic project when i first started this project people thought i was out of my mind why would you want to tell everyone every little detail of everything that you're doing. why is that why why why do you want to do that well not even. seven eight years later we have seven hundred fifty million people on facebook. essentially doing the same thing. you have guinea kaspersky is one of russia's most successful businessman his computer security company because perske labs was founded in one nine hundred ninety seven it's now the country's leading producer of antivirus software the company has offices around the world for years kaspersky has campaigned for the introduction of unified laws for the internet he feels safeguarding personal information should be the prime objective. used his or with up with the risk of
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being able to suppose you have created a program and want to launch it on the internet or you log on to a banking page sure want to do something else that may potentially harm of the uses in that case you're welcome to present your internet passport that passport might come in a variety of forms. but russia's leading specialist in online security seems powerless in the face of offline criminals on an april morning in twenty eleven because some event was on his way to work as usual passing an old industrial area to criminals were lying in wait they overpowered bundled him into a cop and took him to a location in moscow. in the evening. received a phone call the kidnappers demanded a ransom of several million dollars as it turned out the abductors had gleaned yvonne's personal information from his page on russia's most popular social network
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it included his phone number home address and daily bloops to work. in your book social networks should encourage users to post that sort of information if a site all successful private information criminal charges should be brought against it in the event of a leak. you have. to talk to us on the condition that he would not be asked to comment on his son's abduction even so it prompted russia's leading computer security campaigner to come up with codes of conduct for firms dealing in people's private data. the capital social networks or public space like cafes and restaurants that's where people get together that's a message that the rich because normally the organizations that run such places work for profit kids' social networks all commercial stretches the responsibility
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for the security of the guests should be on their heads and wallets with. ronnie van to spend it was being held in the basement of a house in the moscow region his father and police were trying to figure out his abductors whereabouts an intercepted phone call to help police detain the kidnappers during the handover of the ransom. the incident sparked fears that such websites were becoming a goldmine for criminals but internet security specialist maintained that the kaspersky case is the exception rather than the rule. with the thought in this case the fact that social networks are used by a huge mass of people plays a positive role if there were only a hundred users disclosing information about themselves there is no doubt that they would be the primary target but to date the threat is spread over millions of users this means that what was dangerous several years ago is far less risky today for.
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the name of the game here guys is not that there's people out there that big brother your privacy they want to sell you this is all about money it's not nefarious it's not sinister this is all. that they want to serious stuff they wouldn't know everything about you so they can sell you stuff steven rambam is a private investigator who runs an online investigation service he's told the united states holding discussions on his report get straight to the point prissy is dead get over it at every stop along his tool he repeated his message over and over again the true meaning of the word previous c. was lost a long time ago and i'll tell you the biggest the biggest privacy inverter. your cell phone this has changed everything it tells me where you or it tells me who your friends or it tells me who's important to you it tells me where you work it
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tells me where you live it tells me where you eat it tells me everything that i need to know about you yandex is russia's leading internet search engine the company's motto of here you can find anything you want became even more significant in the summer of twenty eleven at that time thousands of private s.m.s. messages sent via the website of a russian cell phone operator ended up being displayed in the deck search engine anyone could read the private correspondence. as a matter of fact there was a mistake made by that size developers in any case those messages were in the public domain d.n. digs do it simply found those pages that's all there is to it with. it's now known that search engines are a very simple method of finding
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a lot of personal information security specialist remind people that online communication is never a private conversation even if you think you are talking to only one person or. any information that is available to all can and will be indexed and that's for sure search engines are being improved all the time progress never goes back it always moves forward to acknowledge is don't become worse but search engines are always being improved. one of russia's most popular blog services live journal is housed in these offices the company's major problem is the growing number of users who are turning to popular social networks. so how are we coming along with security. but live journal stuff think the tide will turn they say that in five years' time those users will be terrified by the thought that they have revealed
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too much about themselves to the world. most users are not aware of the fact that they are at risk they now know that social networks are fraught with security frets following media reports about users being robbed after revealing their personal information online that's when the anonymity era will set in everybody will begin purging their profiles and leaving social networks it's true that live journal is a social network but with a difference most of it uses a cane to hide personal information under nicknames without revealing their true identities put simply they've created online personas for their online lives. content is the all important principle of live journal where we are concerned with what people write about it but who the writers are is not so important. as a social network it is important to know who you and your friends are with us it is not that important even
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a journal users do identify their journal somehow but they are not amiss in the sense that a journal is not a person. please sign the book. until recently the well known russian fiction writer said again how to live journal page like most authors he hid his identity under a nickname. his page was one of the three most popular russian blogs but when comments on one of his entries erupted in scandal and he started getting death threats he decided to close his account. should include an air of privacy because internet is. privacy people need to understand that but artist has santa he has no intention of closing his old project instead he wants to share more information with the world. i figured in my way with this much information that is i share i live an incredibly anonymous and private life. and i wouldn't be able to
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do that if there wasn't all this information about me in the public because that's really just noise at the end of the day. the sam expects most people to follow his example very soon and usher in an era of total information transparency the american artist insists that it will be a world without secrets. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the walls street
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they have to. leave the sentence when you're into the chase is it to get with for example the status of the human experiment is it succeeding or will. we put your problems in this rap music or did you know because it was largely trying to make sense of the economy and its arcane things as financial templates each of the research grambling to maintain our confidence in markets and thinking on the river to want to be easing trade imbalances recession look to the nations close to collapsing a sub prime loan foreclosed homes people. to fail so we play banks again feel level i think is the u.s. crash and imminent smash the ceiling seems to me is like rotten clutches in athens the i.m.f. the world strikes me unjust programs increase the total economy. twenty
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eleven was a turbulent month in london the fatal police shooting of
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a young man from an ethnically tense suburb sparked disturbances on a scale the british capital had not seen in decades. small shops and ordinary londoners suffered most of all in the standoff burglaries skyrocketed over a week of disturbances. so i walk in my apartment first thing i notice is that the door was open so i look around my flat was completely rampage it was like a tornado went through all these drawers were open close and things were spread all over the place that's when i noticed that the window was open and that the bars had been webster open. so here. all the damage to the window fevers ransacking the flats of programa craig martin took away what he treasured most a laptop storing his personal information and numerous projects personal my work
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laptop had all kinds of software and files on it although it was encrypted i felt safe about that i just didn't want it in the wrong hands. at the point the police came and did their forensic work they were dusting for prints i couldn't help but think that i was in the stone age i was like ok that they're never going to find this stuff it's gone. craig had little faith in the police's ability to catch the culprits any time soon so he decided to launch his own investigation social networks and a special program he did stored on his computer proved helpful and since lee how it works is. go to the website and then your laptop is stolen and the laptop next time it's online will start sending reports. containing location pictures of the person if you have a built in webcam as well as shots of what's going on on the screen at that particular time it took craig just
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a few hours to find out all that he needed to know about the man who'd stolen his computer he knew his exact location facebook provided him with a thief's account on the laptops web camera took pictures over a google search later i knew where he went to high school whose family was all kinds of information about the person since they built this dossier of information and turned it over to the london metro police they were able to pick him up within twenty four hours after that. through his job craig has been tracing changes in how private lives a detailed on the internet for quite some time he maintains it's impossible for anyone who's been online to hide any sincere you have to know that now when you're online you have no privacy and you know there's not a lot of ways to protect your identity especially people that you. have information on blogs or twitter have to know as personal peace information to find the whole
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enchilada. get them instead of the gold is arguably the most eccentric figure in russian business he was russia's first dollar millionaire and founded the first commodity exchange now still lives in a village he calls on his countrymen to reject the accomplishments of progress. so this is a freezer. we didn't have one until earlier this year. and it's a dream come true because now we have a no nonsense reason. we can pack it with big lumps of me to noice when the cold comes around i mean. all year long. stanley gov moved his family into a big timber house that has no freezer. and no internet access. but this thing is a spy that has become almost and soon. will be complete dependence on it
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and if you want to escape there's only one way out. nevertheless god has to remain in tune with the times a couple of years ago he launched a new business project he needs to make daily trips to moscow where he spends ten hours in his skyscraper office. go feels it's too late for him to worry about his information privacy too much information is already on the internet but he doesn't allow his children to even approach a computer let alone go online. here whatever poses a threat to children's health isn't banned it's actually the other way around asphalt is far less dangerous than the t.v. set and even chemicals are not as dangerous as the internet. to program as tampering with the new i phone in the spring of twenty eleven
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stumbled upon a final they'd never come across before. as it turned out the phone was storing information about its owner's movements. now apple explain this was fairly sort of innocent and that may well have been the case but you can certainly see it happening in the future where this is less innocent and people start using this information for example in court cases and if you're accused of doing something people might say i demand to see this file on your phone which will prove you where i said you were later the owners of other smartphone brands also complained about snooping telephones many spoke in earnest about the arrival of the big brother era people don't want that data to be sent to his company the best thing to do is not necessarily use those services there through the internet or you know just to put that data right out there on the internet or something that like the internet like a smart. program a semi cam is
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a security expert he's one of the most prominent whistleblowers of major corporations such as apple and google he's sure that the recording of all i phone users movements is just a trial step subsequent developments will be more sophisticated. marketing specialists not the only ones who reap the benefits of information transparency social networks have also made life much easier for recruitment agencies it wasn't that long ago that human resources staff would rely exclusively on the candor the told them about themselves and recommendations from previous employers now they have detailed information. we can find out where candidates have been employed before where they spoke in interviews what communities they belong to or what conferences they have attended that's what we need to know above all if we see accessible online information about somebody being a member of some odd community we will have doubts but his or her adequate behavior
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. before making a final decision a recruitment agency today checks all information that's available on the internet . this way place will start with a brief interview. there was an incident at one major company the person in question was the former head of h.r. and was not particularly well liked one day security decided to investigate him and they looked through his browsing history they came across the questionnaire results that he had filled out on a dating site it turned out that he had made no attempt to hide the fact that he was a paedophile needless to say the man was thrown out of the company in disgrace. activists from the russian pirate party believe it is possible to be anonymous online in the spring of twenty eleven they created
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a site called room which looked similar to the notorious wiki leaks project. the system developed by the russian pirates makes it possible for anyone sending information to remain absolutely anonymous. of. whatever you do on the internet will be used against you. every bit of information you spread through social networks and blogs in the history of your search where is all that is stored. with that information shapes a true profile so much so that it's possible to model your psychological portrait. even so there are systems of their can make it anonymous and secure. private detective agency paul steven rambam always concludes his public addresses with the same message be humble the era of global openness and universal information transparency began a long time ago. his advice to those who want to have at least
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a measure of protection is simple make your visits to the internet less frequent. i post just often enough to let people know that i'm a lot of. possibly once a month. i'm very careful that i keep location aware programs turned off so doesn't report where i physically at the moment and i don't reports what i'm doing or or who arm where there are things like that but the artist has signed a law he advocates a different strategy here just people not to hide anything and share information about their every move with the entire world. the reason that information has value is that no one else has access to it. but by cutting out this middleman and giving it directly to the public the information that this agency has has no value
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whatsoever. so therefore it devalues the currency. the currency being intelligence but if hundreds of millions of people started doing this we would have to rethink the entire system from the ground up we would have to win that back and as a matter of fact that day isn't it's not that far from that day. social networking sites continue to be relatively quiet on the issue if they use as security but with so much information readily available criminals will continue to exploit it cases like craig martin's and event won't be the last. it seems the only true solution to maintaining your privacy is to completely go. download the official auntie application to go on the phone pod touch from the top
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story. life on the go. video on demand on t.v.'s and live broadcasts and says feeds now in the palm of your. questions on the dot com.
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in the seattle police use strong arm tactics on peaceful demonstrators amid mounting criticism of the us media reporting what's motivating the wave of people to join the occupy wall street demonstrations. nato peacekeepers in northern kosovo extend the deadline for ethnic serbs to remove. the months long dispute in the region is over control of the border crossings into neighboring. syria again protests people are furious that the arab league has an. organization as it presses for negotiations between warring parties and. people who as you mentioned the criticize me.